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Easyearnptc Welcome Bonus !
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Easyearnptc Welcome Bonus !
Free 5k Banners 10k F Banners
Easyearnptc Welcome Bonus !
Free 5k Banners 10k F Banners

Welcome To Angies Cutest Penguins!

This Site Is Owned And Ran By Angies!!
Opened On July 30th 2012
Over 2 Years Old!!
We Are Having A 20% Off Sale!!!!

Members Benefits

  • We pay you to view advertisements provided by our sponsors.
  • Payout For Upgraded Members ONLY!!
  • Earn from paid to read, paid to click, paid to sign up.
  • We will be having fun site-contests.
  • Payout is .50 Via Verified PayPal,
  • Sorry We No Longer Except Members From India, Indonesia or Vietnam
  • Earn more by being an upgraded member from your referrals.
  • Register Now !

    Angies Deliriously Insane
  • 100 Paid to Signup Offer Credits ( 25.40 Value )
  • 1000 Tickets
  • 20000 Paid to Read Credits ( 56.40 Value )
  • 50000 Traffic Exchange Credits ( 25.40 Value )
  • 50000 Paid to Click Credits ( 140.40 Value )
  • 1000000 F. Ad Credits ( 100.40 Value )
  • 1000000 Banner Credits ( 100.40 Value )
  • 1000000 F. Banner Credits ( 100.40 Value )

  • Advertisers Benefits

    If you need targeted visitors to your site, you've come to the right place.

    Our cheap prices combined with our campaign system and anti-cheat sets us apart from other websites.

    We have many interesting features such as pausing ads, distributing clicks amongst different ones, and even removing a campaign and replacing it with another.

    You also can set demographic filters on your advertisement and benefit from other features.

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